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How to Price Rental Rates for Things You Have at Home

We all have unused belongings lying around our house, whether it’s kitchen appliances, tools or even an instrument! Whatever you have at home you can absolutely make money listing it on RentMy, but how do you know what to charge? If it’s your first time renting something out you might need some help, so here's our tips to pricing your things for rent:

Step 1: Look it up on RentMy! There’s a chance someone has already listed a similar item on RentMy, this will help you gauge how much you should charge for your own item. 

Step 2: Think about how much it cost you to buy. The retail price is something we ask for when you list, as well as how much it would cost now. If you’re listing a £300 guitar that costs £100 today, it would be wise to take this into consideration when deciding on a price - is someone likely to pay £50/day for a guitar they could buy for £100?

Step 3: Change it up. If you’ve set a price for an item and it’s not getting you as many rentals as you’d hoped, perhaps you need to adjust the pricing slightly. We do recommend you offer discounts for longer rentals too, as people will be more inclined to rent for a longer period if it's more cost effective and you’ll earn more!

Step 4: Get in touch! We’re always more than happy to help you list your items, you can message us on social media or email us on our contact page for pricing advice, general listing help or any other query you may have.

These are just a few things to help you get started, remember to think carefully about your pricing and you’ll be making money from the things you own in no time!

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